Saturday, May 26, 2012

No Rest for the Weary

Woodson Granodiorite
Today Smelly Man dragged me all over San Diego County.  We started out looking for something called a Poway Clast--I thought this was a bird so I wasted two hours staring at the sky.  The Clast turns out to be a rock from a Mexican volcano that deposited in dried up riverbed which then got scraped off the North American plate and yanked about 150 miles north.

Next we bagged the Tonalite of Alpine which looked pretty much like a rock to me. We dipped on the Mount Chiquito Monzogranite when a crazy old bastard yelled at us from his bolt-on front porch.  Turns out there is a public road, about 1/8 of private road, and then the public road starts again.  This according the Forest Service who are afraid of this Luddite conspiracy-theorist.  I was all for pushing forward but SM was too chicken.   

So we retreated but then we had to drive 30 minutes to Mount Woodson for some Woodson Mountain Granodiorite which also looked a lot like a rock.  I did manage a snooze, a siesta, a nap, and a catnap; also, the Nice Lady kept the idiots at home-so all in all not a bad day.  

The bedrock of Woodson Mountain is Woodson Mountain Granodiorite. The specks of mafic minerals (dark-colored minerals rich in iron and magnesium), are mostly biotite (or black mica) and hornblende.  The dominant minerals are quartz (30%), plagioclase (50%), and alkali feldspar (20%). 

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  1. Wow, Darcy! You never cease to amaze me with all your knowledge. I had no idea that you were a geologist!

    I wonder if the Crazy Old B used to work here... No matter since we still seem to have plenty left.

    Enjoy your on-going adventures and thanks for sharing! - elaine :)